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I was very pleased to find the Wye Valley Mediation service and continue to think it is really great to have options and organisations such as yours to support people in reaching settlements without escalating divisions.

You were equally empathetic to us both and I think the structure of the sessions provided a safe forum to discuss options. I thought your service was good value for money, very good value if you consider the other options available when navigating divorce. Your legal background was solid and gave a realistic context to our predicament. You yourself were very generous with your time and energy and showed a real commitment to supporting us through to a resolution. I really admire that dedication.                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                    Mrs A K June 2021

I' also wanted to thank you immensely for the time you have given us and for your input and guidance over the past 15 months and for getting us to this stage. Our boys seem to have come through this time remarkably well and, to me at least, appear to be adapting and growing into the new arrangements in a really positive way. Thank you for your part in that, and for the advice you have given us that has helped us to achieve as much stability as possible for them'

Anonymous South Powys April 2021

'Hi Claire, just wanted to express my appreciation one last time for everything you did last Thursday. It was a big day for everyone. Thank you for helping to facilitate a result that certainly gives me a far more secure future. And thank you for getting M and I face to face. That will have helped us both so much to move forward.'                         

Mr. B November 2018


'Claire was amazing - she put me at ease and I felt very relaxed. She wanted to ensure that both of us had the best outcome we could. It could have been a very difficult situation and things could have erupted but she kept everything calm, for 8 hours! '

(n.b. these clients had a 'Hybrid Mediation' with solicitors in attendance so that we could find a settlement on the day) '

Claire couldn't have done more. When I saw M at the end of the mediation, Claire made sure it was a safe meeting'

(these clients worked in shuttle, i.e in separate rooms with the mediator shuttling between them an their solicitors). 

                                                                                             Mrs. B November 2018


'Claire, I can't thank you enough for making our decision making as painless as possible.

We have agreed through our solicitors to the deal reached with your help.

Thanks for your continued patience, calm and friendly nature which has allowed myself and Mr. P to remain on talking terms.

Wishing you and your invaluable business the best for the future - thank you so much.'

Mrs. P June 2018


'I got the decree absolute this morning. I don't know why it made me cry so much. Your help during this horrible process made it so much easier for us, and I apologise if we made it difficult for you at times. You have made this terrible experience just about bearable for me... I am going to look to the future now.'

Mrs L. Sept 2017

'I was grateful that we didn't have to go down the Solicitors' route as it would have been much more expensive. I don't think we would have stayed as friendly as we did. We could talk to each other with your help.'

Mr L. Sept 2017

'Thank you for today's session, using the flip chart was beneficial to helping us understand our finances. We could see it together and come to a better conclusion...and you just put us at ease. When we found it hard to hear each other you said it again warmly and that helped us understand each other.'

Mrs B. Sept 2017

"Dear Claire, Thank you for your help in sorting out our family breakdown. Your professionalism, legal knowledge and friendship was invaluable.  Mediation has taught me how to manage the situation even if the outcome was not totally as I had hoped.  I highly recommend your services as a first port of call for anyone experiencing family difficulties."
                                                                                                     Local client Sept 2015
"Claire, Thanks for a superbly handled and in-depth session of mediation yesterday. Your expertise, skill and hands on help are invaluable to our process. Specifically your expertise legally, financially and compassion and skill emotionally."
                                                                                                                 S.W June 2015
"Hi Claire, thanks so much for the amazingly astute, kind and constructive help you’ve given us.  You made what could have been a pretty miserable process into a happy one In fact, must look at your site to see if there’s a space for praise!"
                                                                                                                   A.N. July 2014
"Dear Claire, I wanted to say a ‘big’ thank you for all your hard work and kind words over the last 7/8 months. You are a kind, sensitive lady who has made this sad time much more bearable! Thank you so much Claire."
                                                                                                                             C.P. 2013
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