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Fees and Legal Aid



Our aim is to make our services accessible to as many people. 

Our standard charges are as below and we also offer legally aided mediation.

Where discussions relate to child arrangements the Ministry Of Justice offer a £500 voucher towards your joint mediation fees. Our lead mediator Claire Jackson is authorised by the FMC to take part in the voucher scheme. 

Please ask us for more details.


MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting)                                         

- £130 - 1 hour session - for each person

Mediation - All issues / Property & Finance (1.5 hours) - Online - £195

                                                                                              - Face to Face - £215

                  - Child Arrangements (1.5 hours) - Online - £155

                                                                           - Face to Face - £175

Issuing Court Certificates  - Form A / Form C100 within 4 months after meeting FREE

                                                - Form A / Form C100 4 months plus after meeting £40

                                                - Form A / Form C100 Where meeting not appropriate £60

Co-Mediation (involving a second mediator)

- Additional £35 per person


Post Mediation Summaries for your legal advisors

- Free for first half an hour, there after £42.50 per person per hour.


Financial Schedule (Finance Cases)

- £150 per person for first draft and £175 per person for Final Draft 

Memorandum of Agreement

- £150 per person 


Parenting Plan                       

 - £95 per person


 - 45p per mile outside Hereford, Hay-on-Wye or Brecon 


(All Prices above include VAT)             

We require payment in full to secure your appointment and reserve the right to cancel your session if payment is not received by 24 hours before your appointment date/time.

How much might it cost in total?

On the whole usually you might expect your mediation journey to last for 3-4 sessions, but if complex, it could take further sessions.

The total average cost of this would therefore be between £500 & £1,400 per person, but will vary depending on the complexity of the case.

This cost however will be considerably less than the costs involved in a court process. The average cost for a family case is £14,561 as of 2020: 


Local Authority Work

We can also provide services directly to Local authorities and have experience in tailoring mediation to suit these particular cases.
For a bespoke service and price please do contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Legal Aid:


Through our association with The Worcester Family Mediation Practice, we are able to offer legally aided family mediation in Brecon Hay-on-Wye and Hereford to those that meet the criteria outlined on the government website.


If you have one of these benefits you may be entitled to Legal aid:


  • Universal Credit

  • Guarantee credit


Low Income

If you do not qualify for any of the above benefits, you may still be entitled to publicly funded family mediation if your income before tax from all sources is less than £2,657, but we will need more information about the value of your home and the amount of your savings.


How to find out if you’ll get legal aid 

At your initial appointment with us (the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting, MIAMS) we can assess whether you are eligible for legal aid.


There is also an online calculator on the Legal Aid Agency section of the Ministry of Justice website.

Click here to check if you are likely to get legal aid: 


We believe that mediation should be available to all if you are not eligible for legal aid and feel that our fees may restrict your participation please contact us and we can consider this on a case by case basis.


Free Mediation for you and Free First Mediation Session for your Former Partner


If you qualify for legal aid you will not have to pay anything and you will also be entitled to Legal Help from your solicitor with regards to legal advice to support mediation. Your former partner will also be entitled to a free initial appointment and free first mediation session.

If it is unclear if you are entitled to legal aid, you can pay £95 which is refundable upon your entitlement being confirmed.

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