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Kids Mediate - Peterchurch

We trained 16 children from Peterchurch Primary to be Peer Mediators in January 2017. They have set their service up and we were pleased to meet the peer mediators in the Autumn on 2017 and hear about their experiences.


Joanna Bryan Head of Peterchurch Primary says:“We really want Charlotte to be able to attend the training as we are very committed to peer mediation and are already seeing the benefits. One of the lunchtime supervisors the other day said ‘I feel redundant!’ which shows it is working and in fact going really well” .


Claire will be going into Peterchurch to work with the children during Golden Hour on April 12 and will retunr on May 7 to a Sharing Assembly when the Peer Mediators share with parents what they do, and how they do it.


March 2019 - HT Joanna Bryan said 'this is embedded in the school'. Thank you to Charlotte O'Brien for sustaining the service in the school and continuing to train new recruits. 



"Calmer playtimes and improved behaviour"

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