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Mediation for the Farming Community

"We understand the particular pressures

of the farming community"



 Families who are involved in farming


 These families can experience particular difficulties at the easiest of times. We understand that you may own a large asset in the form of your farm but that your income may be limited and subject to unforeseen circumstances.


Your farm may have been in your family for generations and you may feel that the work of your forbears needs to be recognised in your settlement.


Or perhaps your parents still live on the farm and are finding it difficult to let go; this would be a normal response to a job that requires commitment for 365 days of the year come rain or shine.


Your partner may not be from an agricultural background and has found it difficult to deal with your focus on the farm. Your partner may be working 16 hours a day and not had the time to spend with your children.


We aim to help you negotiate your way through these difficult conversations and find a path to the future which allows you to live, work and most importantly, look after your children. 

Useful links and further reading..


Farming Community Network:

Helping farming people through difficult times


R.A.B.I. (supporting these families):

R.A.B.I. provides care and support for farmers, farm workers, farm managers and their dependents.


Shropshire rural community council:

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