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Kids Mediate - Wellington School

16 children were trained and all continue to offer the Kids Mediate Service in the 2018-2019 Academic Year.


Saffron Truelove and Cath Morgan trained as Trainers for the Kids Mediate Service in May 2016 and the children have weekly meetings to discuss how the service is running and whilst respecting the confidence of children, the challenges of their mediations. This time is also used to explore what they notice about their own relationship with conflict.


The mediators described a strong bond that has grown between them - they are from Years 5 and 6 which has helped them explore their own relationships with one another in the safe environment of mediation. 


Saffron Truelove says 'It has helped them (the Mediators) to grow within themselves'. She says of the weekly meetings 'We (the teachers) have made it part of the timetable, we have prioritised it. We have carved a space for nurturing. It encourages talking but in a professional way; it’s a professional chat. It is not very often that there is the time carved to sit and chat. In the classroom we have objectives. But this is led by them. It’s developed from the ideas of the children using it. It is a different skill' ........'They (the Mediators) are so passionate and committed to mediation. It has helped the responses of the 'frequent flyer child' (one who comes to mediation regularly). We plan to train the next cohort of children in Easter 2017'.


Thank you Claire for an amazing 2 days. We at Wellington had a true blast and I was  blown away by the professionalism you bought out in our children. I am very proud of each and every one of them'.  Teacher, Saffron Truelove



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