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Kids Mediate - Clifford School


Clifford Primary School, Tim Hill Her Majesty’s Inspector,

Ofsted 3rd March 2017


“You have created a real sense of community within the school where pupils take care of each other. Pupils told me about the successful introduction of peer mediators on the playground. These specially trained pupils help others resolve disagreements in a non-confrontational manner. This is just one example of several where pupils at Clifford are trusted and given special responsibilities. Pupils play a genuine part in shaping the school’s future because they are consulted about their school and what is working best for them. Leaders listen to, reflect and then act on pupils’ feedback.” 



In March 2016 selected children trained to be mediators with Claire Jackson and Clifford staff, Mandy Jones. Claire returned in November 2016 to give Refresher training to the children. Their skills had developed and they were thinking about difficulties that all mediator's face: how do we help others through our questions, rather than giving others answers? How do we help younger children articulate their emotions? - the mediators found their own solution to this - they could ask whether the younger children would like to draw their feelings instead.


Inspired by an exercise from training (the angry hedgehogs) the children designed their own badge: a hedgehog nestled in caring hands. The children then designed an assembly to remind their peers about the service that they offer.


Clifford Peer Mediators were shortlisted for the 2017 'Lighting the Fire' Leap Award.





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