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Useful Links

Local & National Family Support Units

Child Support Organisations

Legal Advice

Child Maintenance

Information and advice on Welfare Benefits

 Advice on Debt & Debt Management

Information and advice on Legal Aid

Support for the Farming Community

Useful resources Peer Mediation

Counselling services

Relevant information and advice on Mediation

Links to organisations approved to give financial advice

Forms used by Wye Valley Mediation

Family Support

Useful Links - FAMILY SUPPORT (Local & National)

Drug Rehabilitation:


Home Start (Support & friendship for families):

Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP):


Information and support on issues related to family breakdown for fathers;


Information & support for lone parents:

Herefordshire council family information service:

Powys family information service:

Worcester Family Support:

Shropshire Family information service:

Children & family court advisory and support service:

Help and information for parents and families via a range of services:



Information for men who are abusive to their partners, and also those who are victims of domestic abuse.

General phone line: 0808 801 0327

Advice line for men: 0808 802 4040


Rights of Women:

Informs, educates and empowers women about their legal rights.

Family law helpline: 020 7251 6577

Criminal law (sexual violence) helpline: 020 7251 8887


Calan Domestic Violence Services:

South Powys 01874 625146

Provding specialist support for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence and abuse in Soth Powys


Sorting Out Separation:

Helping you to make the right decisions after a break-up.

The Parent Connection:

hosts the programmes introduced during the SPIP, Getting it Right for children (which helps to demonstrate and develop the communication skills that co parents need) and Splitting Up?

Putting Kids First (an online parenting plan, with skills help).


Victim Support:

For support and information.

Phone: 0333 2701242


Women’s Aid:

Support for women who are victims

of domestic abuse.


Information for Grandparents and their rights at a time of separation and divorce:



Useful Links - CHILDREN

The Family Place, Hay-On-Wye, HR3 5DB Tel: 01793 822003

Children & family court advisory and support service:


Epic Friends, (Help & Advice for young people):


Behavioral concerns, safety and drug awareness:

Counselling in Hay-on-Wye for Teens:


Tel: 07580 482751


Legal Advice

Useful Links - LEGAL ADVICE

Advice Now

The Retail Trust

For anyone working in the retail sector:




Use the calculator to agree on a child maintenance amount if you’re arranging it yourselves, or to  get an idea of the statutory amount the government would work out for you (including collection and application fees):


Manage your child maintenance case:


Information for lone parents on child maintenance:



All benefits the you are entitled to; 


Turn 2 us about grants


Child Tax credits


Information for lone parents on benefits:


Useful Links - DEBT

Citizens advice:

National debtline:

Goverment debt information:  

PayPlan is a free debt, money advice and budgeting service. Tel. 0800 280 2816 for immediate debt advice 8.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. 

CCCS is a registered charity offering free, confidential advice and support to anyone who is worried about debt. They have an online debt counseling service and a freephone helpline service – tel. 0800 138 1111  

The Retail Trust

For anyone working in the retail sector:


Useful Links - LEGAL AID

Information on legal aid



Useful Links - FARMING

Farming Community Network:


R.A.B.I. (supporting farming families):


Shropshire rural community council:



Peer Mediation



Useful Links - COUNSELLING

Relate can put you in touch with a marriage guidance counselor:


Specialist help for your children if they are struggling;

The Family Place, Hay-On-Wye, HR3 5DB Tel: 01793 822003

Specialist support for you whilst you are going through the process of mediation:

The Retail Trust

For anyone working in the retail sector:

Swift Counselling:

Abergavenny, Brecon, Hay-on-Wye

Richard and Sally Worthing 'Swift Counselling'

Susan Mathews Counsellor & Family therapist Brecon:

The Marches Counselling, Hereford & the Marches

Clive Oxford psychotherapy, counselling and supervision Hereford and Herefordshire:

Charlotte Hall Counselling Ludlow:


Ben Chaman Counselling & physiotherapy, Worcester & Malvern


Counselling Directory:


Annie MacDonald


Sarah Hamilton 'Hay Counselling'


Silvia Baba Neal


Gail Venables


Useful Links - MEDIATION

Government information re mediation;


An Association representing over 5000 family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Lots of useful advice – and information on how to find a local specialist family solicitor who won’t make a drama out of a crisis!


Beyond Intractability:

Essential generic ADR site offering wide variety of resources.  Includes free downloadable recorded interviews with leading practitioners such as Deutsch, Kolb, LeBaron, Lederer and Ury. (Also offers MP3 audio files).

Largest online mediation site, publishing wide range of mediation articles, links and resources & discussion boards:


Useful Links - FINANCE

Financial Services Authority Register. The register lists all regulated or registered firms and individuals within firms who are approved to carry out particular financial advisory functions :

Mortgage Broker

Useful Links - FORMS


Please use the enclosed Referral Form - The Word Document is editable, the pdf is for printing and completing by hand

Please use the enclosed Referral Form - The Word Document is editable, the pdf is for printing and completing by hand

AdviceNow Guides

Living together and breaking up

Sorting out arrangements for your children 

Using family mediation after a break up

Applying for a Financial Order without the help of a lawyer

Get a divorce or end a civil partnership without the help of a lawyer

The Divorce or Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

Sorting out your finances when you get divorced

A survival guide to pensions on divorce

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